Wye River was founded in 1985 by Joe Bernard in a small unheated garage on Kent Island, Maryland. Joe started by formulating his two unique seafood seasonings, Original Red & Spicy Black. He had his seasonings mixed & packed into fancy tins with the Wye River logo, which he designed from his thoughts of steaming & catching crabs on the beloved Wye River.

Sales started that Spring & he delivered all the orders in a 1976 Ford Van with over 220,000 miles on the odometer. The following Winter, the Wye River brand of Crab Soups was formulated & packed on the Eastern Shore. Wye River was the first company to can Cream of Crab Soup & condensed Red Crab Soup. The soups were a success.

Over the next 30 years we added a variety of new products, including Crab Cake & Crab Imperial Mix, Crab Seasoned Popcorn & an array of over 100 Gourmet Spices. And now, you will be able to enjoy our handmade Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes & fresh homemade Soups. Our products continue to be manufactured locally, but are now available all over the United States. The tradition, the quality & the excellence shine through in every Wye River product.

From the Shore to your door. When seafood tastes great, think about Wye!